October 10, 2023

title: ai4lam Metadata/Discovery WG Monthly Meeting

October 10, 2023#

8 AM California | 11 PM Washington DC | 4 PM UK | 5 PM Oslo & Paris


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  • Erik Radio (University of Colorado)

  • Jeremy Nelson (Stanford)

  • Tim Thompson (Yale)

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  • Using client-side server-side with LLM

  • Fantastic Futures 2023 Talk Proposal

    • Title: Chatting with your Catalog: Exploring the use of LLMs with FOLIO LSP
      Abstract: AbstractIn the ai4lam Metadata Working Group, we have been exploring the integration of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) with the FOLIO Library Services Platform over the past year. This presentation aims to showcase three practical applications of LLMs within FOLIO, catering to different audiences and tasks.

      Firstly, we demonstrate how ChatGPT can assist in creating AI and machine learning use cases that are specifically tailored to FOLIO.

      Secondly, we explore the transformation of MARC21 and BIBFRAME RDF formats into FOLIO-specific bibliographic JSON Inventory records using ChatGPT. Attendees will witness how this process is accessible through both the web interface and the OpenAI API, enabling efficient and accurate record conversions.

      Lastly, we present a client-side web application that enhances user interaction with the FOLIO platform. By leveraging the ReAct Pattern with customized prompts, users can engage with ChatGPT in a chat-forward manner, actively modeling common workflows within FOLIO.

      Through these demonstrations, attendees will gain insights into the potential of integrating LLMs with FOLIO. Learn about the adaptability and utility of ChatGPT and LLMs as innovative tools for improving FOLIO’s functionalities and user experience.