title: ai4lam Metadata/Discovery WG Monthly Meeting

January 11, 2022#


  • Jeremy Nelson (Stanford)

  • David Lowe (Texas A&M)

  • Erik Radio (University of Colorado)


  • Name

**Notetaker (alpha by first name): **

[]{#anchor-1}Helpful Links

[]{#anchor-2}Project Documents and Data

[]{#anchor-3}Agenda Topics

  1. Updates, announcements, intros

  2. Survey Updates

    a. Survey text at > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aMGRqeF-6BrGW7qvRat8V86nCVO-a4SxLbLexJMMx08/edit

    b. Survey list-servs

    i.  AI4LAM
    ii. Code4Lib
    iii. Metadata

    c. Erik composing email, send to email lists, open for two weeks

  3. 2022 Goals and Planning

    a. Survey include message about meeting to increase

    b. Encourage Corey Harper and other “stars” to either present or > attend our committee meetings

    c. Model Cards - invite Emily Vendor to give a presentation, “here > is what metadata people can bring to Model Cards”

    d. David history of librarian, preservation librarian microfilm, > see unstoppable force in our field, digital documents. AI/ML > can’t stop this train but we can bend it to be more ethical.