title: ai4lam Metadata/Discovery WG Monthly Meeting

February 9, 2021#

9 AM California | 12 PM Washington DC | 5 PM UK | 6 PM Oslo & Paris

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Topic: AI-LAM Metadata Working Group

Time: This is a recurring meeting. Meet anytime

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  • Tim Thompson (Yale)

  • Jeremy Nelson (Stanford)

  • David Lowe (Texas A&M)


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Agenda Topics#

  1. Updates and announcements (5-10 mins.)

    1. ai4lam Community Call (Jeremy)

    2. CCQ call for papers

    3. Moving forward with metadata requirements for AI models and datasets (Tim)

      1. March meeting: presentation and discussion with Kat Thornton on using Wikidata for Emulation as a Service Infrastructure.

      2. Articles for reading and discussion (see Action Items, below).

      3. Development of competency questions to guide data modeling.

      4. Research existing ontologies.

      5. Tools?

  2. Report on Knowledge Graphs for AI: Wikidata and Beyond (presentation by Markus Krötzsch)

Meeting Notes#

  • CFP: _Cataloging & Classification Quarterly _on AI & subject classification

  • Jeremy: update on ai4lam Community Call

    • Training coming up in March/April

    • Jeremy gave an update on models metadata effort & possible metadata session @ next FF conference.

    • Next community call next week: focus on NER

  • Tim: Moving forward with metadata requirements for AI models and datasets

    • Next meeting in March will have a presentation by Kat Thornton on using Wikidata

    • March meeting - reading and discussion on articles listed under Action Item

    • Research questions ontologies

  • Tim: Knowledge Graphs for AI: Wikidata and Beyond by Markus Krötzsch

    • First 30 minutes overview of Wikidata and how to use

    • Last 15 minutes most useful

      • Issues around scalability, works at the current scale

      • AI applications use Knowledge Graphs, hard to tell if Google uses Wikidata in search results,

      • Machine learning vs. Machine Knowing

        • Self-driving cars

        • Intelligent assistant

        • Expert systems

        • Playing Go

      • ML algorithms are just a small part of ML-base systems

      • Important AI systems have significant non-ML components

      • Even simple systems are hard to understand

  • David: Issues with participation in Challenge WG, on AI interest and activity

    • CNI group - approach for more, broader group of people with decision-making positions

    • Presentation on the challenge, big deal, push for more equitability AI

    • Challenge WG, challenge a big deal and needs to be thought-out. WG currently doing lit review, scope, and what is involved.

    • Single problem or work on a single data-set? Scoping, sponsorship

Action Items#