title: ai4lam Metadata/Discovery WG Monthly Meeting

February 14, 2023#

8 AM California | 11 PM Washington DC | 4 PM UK | 5 PM Oslo & Paris


  • Name (institution)

  • David Lowe (Texas A&M)

  • Erik Love (Colorado)

  • Jeremy Nelson (Stanford)

  • William (Texas A&M)

  • James Creel (Texa A&M)

Project Documents and Data#

Agenda Topics#

  1. Updates, announcements, intros

  2. Continue review of ML Use Cases using FOLIO

  3. Catalog a FOLIO JSON Instance for the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin using ChatGPT

    1. Is the resulting record a valid FOLIO JSON record?

    2. Source looks like it from Project Gutenberg

    3. Unique Identifiers

    4. Need to train on existing valid Instance/Inventory records

    5. Preceding/Succeeding titles automatically generated

  4. Assistance of using AI/ML to curation, using these tools for cataloging records, a serious cataloger would like to know the sources that it uses to create the JSON records. If it can’t find a source, especially with new materials not cataloged elsewhere, the LLM could parse the source text, accelerate the cataloger workflows, still need professional cataloger’s judgment and