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A curated list of resources, projects, and tools for using Artificial Intelligence in Libraries, Archives, and Museums.

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This list is a collection of resources, tools, projects, and other materials for professionals and enthusiasts in the Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LAM) sector. You might also know this as the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) or CHI (cultural heritage institutions) sector, or be more familiar with the term ‘memory institutions’. However you describe the field, if you know of an AI, machine learning, big data or data science project, event or resource related to collections, please share it here!

This list is maintained by the AI4LAM community. Its aim is to support knowledge sharing, innovation, and collaboration in applying AI to LAM.

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Please note: the appearance of a resource on this list does not constitute an official endorsement by AI4LAM.

Introductions to AI

Computer vision

Natural language processing

Generative AI

AI in galleries, libraries, archives and museums

Other “awesome” lists in AI and ML

Tools and FrameworksClick button to suggest an addition

Note: datasets for training and testing are listed in a separate section of this document.

Document analysis, transcription, and labeling

Audio and video analysis, transcription, and labeling

Indexing and classification

Search and retrieval

Applications of Transformers, LLMs, and GPT

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Datasets available on Hugging Face

There are many (G)LAM-related datasets on Hugging Face. The following links will perform live searches directly in Hugging Face for datasets tagged with the given terms:

Datasets available elsewhere

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Project lists & directories

Select individual projects

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Statements by organizations and government bodies

Surveys of policies and recommendations


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The annual Fantastic Futures conference is the main conference series for the AI4LAM community. Various other conferences and workshops are relevant to the community and may be included in the list below.

Upcoming Conferences and Workshops

👋🏻 Note: AI4LAM’s conferences tracker Google sheet has a more complete list of events. The following is a list of larger and/or especially relevant events for AI4LAM.

Past Conferences and Workshops

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